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Build Peace 2019

  • Escuela Libre de Arquitectura 8206 Calle Coahuila Tijuana, B.C. Mexico (map)

The Build Peace 2019 conference will focus on peace, conflict, and the resilience fostered along borders, examining how social innovation through technology, storytelling, and the arts can both create and bridge divides.

Borders – whether physical, social or digital – and their creation are often at the centre of dynamics of oppression and can be root causes of violence. They can also be the centre of connection between divided communities.

How can technological, storytelling and artistic innovation increase physical, social and digital divides? How can technological, storytelling and artistic innovation help bridge physical, social and digital borders?

We will organize our collective inquiry across three sub-themes:
- Physical borders: exploring the transformational role of technology, storytelling, and the arts on migration and movement across borders.
- Social borders: exploring how technology, storytelling and the arts affect (positively or negatively) the demographic, cultural and political barriers between communities.
- Digital borders: exploring emerging divides and growing polarisation in the online environment, as well as efforts at depolarisation and digital organizing against violence.

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